Additional proposals

These proposals were notified in addition to the main stages of the review, in some cases following direction from the Independent Hearings Panel.

Proposals Status
Proposals for temporary earthquake recovery activities

Decision 2 - Temporary activities related to earthquake recovery (and relevant definitions)(external link)

Decision 9 - Temporary activities 6A, 6B, and 6C(external link)

Memorial Avenue Investments Limited (MAIL) Business Park - private plan change request Decision 24: Private Plan Change Request (Memorial Business Park) including Chapter 16 Industrial (Part) and Chapter 6 General Rules and Procedures (Part) (and relevant definitions and associated planning maps) [PDF, 7.9 MB]
Proposal for Residential New Neighbourhood Zones Decision 29: Residential New Neighbourhood Zone and correction to Decision 11 concerning Wigram Business Park  [PDF, 1.4 MB]
Proposal on height limits for utility structures Decision 40: Chapter 11 - Utilities, Energy and Infrastructure including Stage Three Rule P1 and relevant definitions [PDF, 1.3 MB]
Proposal for residential medium density zoning in parts of Hornby, Linwood and Papanui Decision 41: Chapter 14 - Additional Residential Medium Density Areas for Linwood (Eastgate), Hornby and Papanui (Northlands) [PDF, 896 KB]
Proposal for corridor protection setback rules for an electricity distribution line running between Heathcote and Lyttelton Decision 36: Chapter 14: Corridor Protection Setback Rules 11kV Heathcote to Lyttelton Electricity Distribution Line Proposal [PDF, 535 KB]
Proposal for a 500m²  GLFA maximum tenancy for offices in some Commercial and Industrial Zones Decision 55: Chapter 15 Commercial (Part) and Chapter 16 Industrial (Part): Proposal for a 500m² Gross Leasable Floor Area Maximum Tenancy for Offices [PDF, 680 KB]

Proposal for rezoning 112 Waimairi Road Ilam, from Residential Suburban Density Transition Zone to Specific Purpose (Tertiary Education) Zone(external link)

Hearing cancelled following withdrawal of submission by University of Canterbury.  112 Waimairi Road confirmed as Residential Suburban Transition Zone by Panel Minute dated 3 October 2016 [PDF, 202 KB]


The proposal for deeming provisions for zoning for new and stopped roads outside the Central City(external link)


Decision 48: Chapter 7 - Transport in relation to deeming provisions for new and stopped roads [PDF, 338 KB]