9 February 2016(external link)  Additional proposals notified
14 October 2015(external link) Updates to stage three of the District Plan Review
3 September 2015(external link) Extended submission period for some proposals on stage three
24 August 2015(external link) Reminder: two weeks remain for submissions
27 July 2015(external link) Stage three now open for submissions 
14 July 2015(external link) Further submissions on stage two and a new timeline for stage three 
2 May 2015(external link) Notification of stage two proposals
8 April 2015(external link) What's coming up in stage two of the District Plan Review 
19 February 2015(external link) Fast tracked timeline for Stage Two of the District Plan Review 
9 December 2014(external link) Private Plan Change Request - Memorial Business Park 
20 November 2014(external link)  Further submissions available to view online   
22 October 2014(external link)  Further submissions open 
1 October 2014(external link)(external link) Submissions on stage one proposals close in one week
27 August 2014(external link)(external link) Notification of stage one proposals
17 July 2014(external link)(external link) District Plan Review - general update